Ikibox purifiers: innovation at the service of indoor air quality

Ikibox is a product range of new generation air purifiers designed by the Swiss company Banyan Health. By intervening directly at the molecular level, our innovative products neutralize all indoor air pollutants in less than 10 minutes. A unique technology in the world that allows you to regain clean air and effectively preserve your health.

Numerous fields of application


Hospitals, laboratories, medical practices, dental practices, maternity wards, pharmacies, immunodeficiency, Ehpad…


Factories, offices, cold storage, production lines, pharmaceutical industry, waste disposal sites, livestock and agriculture, luxury goods…


Public establishments, crèches, schools, colleges, high schools, retirement homes, theatres/sports halls, public transport…


Cafés, hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, cinemas and entertainment venues, art galleries, hairdressers, garbage rooms

Ikibox range

For volumes ranging
from 1 to 5

For work spaces
from 10 to 50 m²

For spaces
from 45 to 100 m²

For large spaces
(up to 400 m²)

Clean up 99.9999% of indoor air in 10 minutes


Microbes, viruses and bacteria…

Particles and aerosols

Mould, asbestos…

Odours and allergens

Pollens, dust mites…

Chemical pollutants

Formaldehydes, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)…

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