Particles and aerosols

Thanks to a revolutionary purification system, the Ikibox purifiers are able to purify the indoor air to 99.9999% in only 10 minutes. Our units are particularly effective against very small particulate matter (PM 2.5 and PM 10) and asbestos.

Particulate matter
(PM 2.5 / PM 10)

In the form of a water aerosol, particulate matter will carry small gases, microorganisms, sediments or primitive elements that are contained in the aqueous phase of our atmosphere. 

These particles are then inhaled, such as carbon (soot) emitted by combustion sources, fungal spores, pollen, erosion, agricultural activities, volcanic eruptions… but also cooking, heating systems, cigarette smoke, etc.

The health effects of particulate matter are mainly respiratory and cardiac: coughs, irritations, bronchial inflammation, respiratory infections, etc. They are also attributed a role in the increase in cardiovascular disease and the development of lung cancer.

Clean the indoor air of the house or work of particulate matter and indoor dust
Clean indoor air from asbestos in a house or on a construction site with an Ikibox air purifier


Asbestos is chrysotile, a long magnesium silicate fibre that is 400 to 500 times finer than a hair. Several derivatives of this type of rock mineral are used in the mining industry, thermal insulation, but also in cement for buildings and highways. They are also found in other products (glues, paints, car parts…) because of their chemical properties.

Their health effects are irrecoverable. They cause chronic inflammation of the lung (asbestosis) and the development of bronchopulmonary and digestive tract cancers.

The Ikibox purifiers can clean up 99.9999% of indoor air in just 10 minutes.

Ikibox range

For volumes ranging
from 1 to 5

For work spaces
from 10 to 50 m²

For spaces
from 45 to 100 m²

For large spaces
(up to 400 m²)

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