Ikibox 250

Purificateur d'air Ikibox 250
Powerful and efficient, Ikibox 250 is a versatile air purifier suitable for spaces from 45 to 100 m². This device is able to purify up to 250 m³ of air per hour and meets hospital standards.

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149€ HT/month

Our rental offers includes annual maintenance and consumable parts replacement if necessary. Updated annual datas against bacterias/viruses migration are also included.

An efficient and versatile air purifier

Powerful and efficient, Ikibox 250 is the most versatile air purification system in our range. Surfaces from 60 to 250 m³ will be perfectly sanitized. 

Adapted to hospital standards, it protects the health of patients and visitors while improving the working conditions of caregivers and employees. Effective against micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and moulds, Ikibox 250 also acts on substances harmful to health such as pollens, chemical pollutants and odours, as well as fine particles (PM 2.5-10).

Durable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain, this air purifier is certified by the B44A standard of AFNOR (French Standards Association). Easy to use, it can be controlled manually or via a smartphone (iOS or Android).

Fields of application

A few examples of the sectors and uses for which the Ikibox 250 purifier is particularly adapted :

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An Ikibox 250 at La Chezalière retirement home

Located in the Nantes district of Procé, the La Chezalière retirement home is a luxury establishment. An Ikibox 250 model has been installed in the entrance hall to purify the air and limit the risk of contamination of residents by outside visitors.

Clean up 99.9999% of indoor air in 10 minutes


Microbes, viruses and bacteria…

Particles and aerosols

Mould, asbestos…

Odours and allergens

Pollens, dust mites…

Chemical pollutants

Formaldehydes, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)…

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