At Ikibox, our priority is everyone's health. While indoor air quality has become one of the main points of vigilance, our top-of-the-range purifiers provide a reliable and sustainable response to enable communities to meet this challenge in a qualitative manner.

Local authorities are in charge of many places and services that welcome the public, especially fragile people such as children and the elderly :

99.9999% pure air

Ikibox is developed by Banyan Health SA, a company dedicated to the development of air and water decontamination solutions for the health and well-being of all.

Our revolutionary indoor air purification process can neutralize up to 99.9999% of the pollutants present in the atmosphere in just 10 minutes and limit cross-contamination thanks to its effect on airborne viruses and bacteria.

Air purifier in a nursery to protect children

Air purification in public places : the example of a retirement home

Nestled in the heart of Nantes, in the Procé district, the La Chézalière nursing home offers more than 90 residents an elegant living environment of high quality.

Protecting residents from seasonal viruses

The establishment wished to improve the conditions of reception of the residents and employees of the establishment. The objective was to guarantee them clean air and to protect them from seasonal viruses coming from people outside the retirement home and which are likely to threaten the often fragile health of the residents.

Thanks to the installation of an Ikibox 250 purifier in the entrance hall, the La Chézalière retirement home now offers its residents quality indoor air and has significantly reduced the risk of contamination by visitors.

Ikibox 120 air purifier to protect the elders

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For spaces
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For large spaces
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