Good health starts with clean air. Ikibox solutions enable medical facilities to drastically limit the proliferation of bacteria and viruses, and thus the risk of cross-contamination.

Ikibox purifiers intervene at the molecular level to purify the air of everything it may contain that is harmful to health. 

In particular, they are effective in limiting microbial or bacterial loads, which is a major advantage for all types of establishments in the medical and paramedical sector :

Up to 70% reduction in airborne contamination

Indoor air quality should be a major concern for all facilities that care for sick or fragile people.

Integrating Ikibox solutions in confined spaces greatly limits the impact of chemical pollutants and other endocrine disruptors present in the ambient air.

Our purifiers also reduce the risk of airborne contamination by 50-70% (IAQ 2012 study) and are particularly effective against the spread of coronaviruses.

Ikibox solution to stop the proliferation of bacteria and viruses in hospitals
Air quality scientists - comparative purifiers

Protecting patients and caregivers

Ikibox assists health actors to control and improve air quality within their establishments. 

Thanks to a revolutionary purification system, our products significantly reduce exposure to indoor air pollution. They protect both patients and all staff who are exposed to these risks on a daily basis, starting with caregivers.

Air Purification in Medical Environments : The Example of the Poplar Hospital

Founded in 1908, the Hôpital Privé des Peupliers is the largest establishment in the Paris division of the Ramsay Générale de Santé group. Located in the heart of the 13th arrondissement, it offers 260 beds and places. Multidisciplinary, the hospital welcomes more than 25,000 patients per year, has high-performance technical facilities, a general surgery centre and is the only private cancerology centre in Paris.

Odour problems and a health issue

The oncology section, located in the basement, was affected by recurring odour problems. This situation was notably linked to the use of specific medical products (contrast agents). 

The persistence of bad odours also indicated that air renewal was not frequent enough, which could have an impact on the health of both patients and medical staff.

Purify the air in a hospital room with an ikibox 120 (viruses, bacteria, pollution)
Ikibox 250 air purifier in a medical laboratory

Ikibox, an effective solution to restore healthy air

We solved this problematic situation by installing two Ikibox 250s (at the reception desk and in the corridor) to start with, followed by an Ikibox 120 in the rest room. The results are obvious and attested by the health framework.

Testimony : Débora Ouin, medical-administrative radiotherapy executive at the Hôpital des Peupliers

I would like to testify to the efficiency of the Ikibox machines installed in the radiotherapy centre, located in the 2nd basement, which is unfortunately, like many services in the basement, subject to bad smells. Since the installation, the nauseating odours have disappeared, for the greater comfort of the patients, especially those undergoing chemotherapy. This has made their waiting, sometimes long in the waiting rooms of the department, less painful. These devices have also changed the lives of the staff, who now work in a healthier environment.

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