The end of the quarantine and the resuming of work: the importance of a good indoor air quality

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Air quality at work is more important than never before. Right after the end of quarantine, it is now time to be back at work for many workers. The second wave of the pandemic is the most important thing to avoid. As a result, new habits need to be put in place. Do not forget to take in account risks represented by indoor air pollution.

How to protect my collaborators ? This is the major question for directors and founders who are about to be back at work on may 11th. Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over, and everyone is supposed to be back at the office, reopen a shop, or work on the production line. Everyone will be exposed to the virus more than in quarantine at home. 

Air purifiers to reduce risks of airborne contamination.

Beyond “protective measures”, including social distancing and disinfecting premises such as professional tools, one of the major issues for the future will be to avoid proliferation of the virus in confined spaces. Indeed, Covid-19 spreads in the air, by airborne contamination.

On a live made by the journal Le Monde, a reader signed her post “a puzzled worker”. She is pointing out the difficulties to follow the officials protective measures:

“The national protocol for reopening workplaces recommends an open space office to open the windows for 15 minutes three times a day”. Who’s going to tell them that windows do not open…

It’s precisely in this type of situation that Ikibox’s air purifiers are one of the best solutions. The efficiency of our air purifiers against the coronavirus have been tested in laboratory, and their revolutionary technology allows to clear the air of all types indoor spaces in less than 10 minutes.

Ikibox air purifier are the most effective solution to ensures healthy air environment for medical, industrial, communities services or tertiary applications.

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